“Easy Rider”Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman; Hollywood in the 50’s  when a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, a leather jacket and a motorcycle were all you needed to take off on a new and exciting adventure on the road…..

The Take A Way man is inspired by this legendary wild lifestyle, taking on the challenge as if he were himself the unforgettable protagonist of the film that made history.  His wardrobe reflects his choice of being a free spirit… muted dusty tones, soft broken in fabrics, and hand crafted details create an aura of a never ending journey across the wonder of the unknown.

Take A Way tells the story through a dusty crumpled notebook crowded with thoughts, giving life to the pages and making the path come alive, mile after mile.

As always, the focus of the collection is on T-shirts, Polos, Bermuda shorts, Swimming trunks, Fleece and Knitwear, all of which inspired by the wild and free feeling of an eternal journey while maintaining an attention to details that lends a Vintage flavor to the final look that borders on a rustic dandy who lives on the bike as a companion for an adventurous lifestyle. But it also includes the man who loves to create his own city style, focusing on sports and casual garments.

Collections focus on several major themes: fabric, color , treatments and graphics.

The Take A Way man enjoys the pleasure of wearing natural and comfortable fibers, such as jersey, piquet, gabardine and fleece, always 100% Organic cotton or 100% Extrafine merino wool or cashmere.

The Take A Way man loves colour…ranging from vintage soft dusty tones to an explosion of fresh, bright colors to enliven the palette and provide a selection for every personal taste.

The Take A Way man appreciates small details including a wide range of embroideries and patches, along with the care and research of new and innovative eco friendly finishing processes on each garment. After a careful selection of special washing and dyeing techniques that give the garments that so desired vintage look while respecting the environment. Take a Way goes Green….We love our planet.

New in…

Along these same lines, we have now added a Women’s collection that exudes the same  idea of eternal movement and the joy of adventure, never static and always ready to start a new adventure.  T shirts, polos, and accessories in a range of colours and prints that follow the street, beach and surf theme.

After the world events that have taken such a toll on all of us, our prospects for the future, we have added some new and innovative products to our line, like printed summer shirts. In the near future there will be more new lines that will increase the choice that our customers will have to offer for sale. Fleece separates, jackets, outerwear, and accessories are in development and will soon be available. These capsule collections will be available for purchase on our B2B web site which is already in use for available stock goods as well as a vehicle for the future orders for next season. This B2B site allows our customers to choose goods for immediate delivery to integrate your stock to boost sales with new styles.  We have developed this to give our customers the possibility to interact with us in the creation of an always available stock base for basic items like t-shirts, while developing several capsule collections that will be available in intervals during the season for immediate delivery.  We are aiming to have the best product available for sale at the right time and we would appreciate your feedback on any suggestions you can provide.  We aim to have always something new available for you!


Take a Way was founded by Daniele Baldassarri in 2008. Italian fashion designer, inspired by motorcycle lifestyle and Hollywood legend Steve McQueen of the 50s-60.

Looking to develop a product that would appeal to him first of all, Baldassari has created a brand based on emotion, passion, spontaneity, creativity and research.

A collection that is rich in details, placing it in the world of true vintage, where each style stands on its own and remains untouched by the time.